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Pavel Rombakh Shares Seasonal Advice for Roof Repairs

Pavel Rombakh Shares Seasonal Advice for Roof Repairs

General contractor and researcher Pavel Rombakh shares tips and advice for seasonal roof repairs and other repairs.   When it comes to roof repair, timing is everything, according to Pavel Rombakh, a general contractor and researcher from the Snohomish County city of Edmonds, Washington. An expert in home renovation and restoration, Rombakh offers professional insight […]

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Pavel Rombakh shares professional opinion surrounding issue of man-made disasters

Catastrophe Prevention Research Laboratory’s Pavel Rombakh shares his thoughts on the problem of so-called man-made disasters. Man-made disasters or anthropogenic hazards are defined as often catastrophic events caused by either human action or inaction. Here, Pavel Rombakh, general manager of the Edmonton, Washington-based Catastrophe Prevention Research Laboratory, offers his professional insight into the matter. Asked first […]

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Pavel Rombakh Discusses Man-Made Disasters

Man-made disasters have peaked the interest of humans for hundreds of years. Expert Pavel Rombakh discusses man made disasters and prevention measures. As the general manager of the Catastrophe Prevention Research Laboratory in Virginia, Expert Pavel Rombakh has a deep interest and fascination with man-made disasters that started nearly twenty years ago. “In the summer of 2007, […]

Benefits of Home Insulation with Pavel Rombakh

Pavel Rombakh Discusses the Benefits of Home Insulation Proper home insulation often gets overlooked. Pavel Rombakh discusses the importance and benefits of home insulation. Having proper insulation levels in the attic and in the crawlspace not only ensure that your home experiences year-round comfort. It also is an excellent way to keep down rodent infestation […]

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Pavel Rombakh Offers Tips on Home Restoration

One of the most common resolutions in the New Year is home restoration. Pavel Rombakh offers his tips for home restoration and renovation. With years of experience as a general contractor, Pavel Rombakh gets questions daily about home restoration and repair. “Home restoration can be incredibly stressful and challenging,” explained Pavel Rombakh. “If the home is older, […]

Pavel Rombakh Discusses the Challenger Explosion

What exactly happened during the Challenger Spacecraft explosion? Researcher Pavel Rombakh discusses the Challenger accident and theories. On the morning of January 28, 1986, the NASA shuttle orbiter mission STS-51-L and the tenth flight of the Space Shuttle Challenger, (OV-99) broke apart after just 73 seconds in flight, resulting in the untimely death of all […]